Mormon Church: This is how its large stock portfolio is made up

Mormon Church Stock Portfolio


  • The top 10 shares in the Mormon Church’s portfolio were revealed, with a predominance of technology companies.
  • In total, the religious institution has 100,000 million dollars in investments, of which almost 50,000 million are in shares.
  • His three favorite names are: Apple, Microsoft and Google. There is also Meta and Mastercard.

The Mormon Church, known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, disclosed its investments through June 30.

In total, it has an investment that exceeds 100,000 million dollars, of which 49,300 million are deposited in shares.

This portfolio began to disclose its data to the public only in 2019 since it was considered to be involved in charitable activities. This was later denounced that it was not so.

That is why the Mormon Church had to pay 5 million dollars in fines for not making public declarations of their investments. The institution was accused of being an “underground hedge fund masquerading as a charity”.

The top 10 stocks in the portfolio were revealed

1- Apple: 3,120 million dollars. Shares purchased in the last quarter: 259,436 (+1%).

2- Microsoft: 2,230 million dollars. 250,586 titles (+3%) were acquired.

3- Google: 1,620 million dollars. 27,360 shares purchased.

4- Amazon: 1,250 million dollars. Acquisition of 217,652 shares (+2%).

5- Nvidia: 1,200 million dollars. Purchase of 227,659 titles (+8%).

6- United Health: 983 million. Sale of 70,529 shares (-3%).

7- Goal: 970.8 million dollars. Sum of 224,849 company papers (+7%).

8- Mastercard: 783.8 million dollars. Purchase of 37,013 titles (+1%).

9- Exxon Mobil: 756.6 million dollars. 312,853 shares were sold (-4%).

10- JPMorgan: 666.1 million dollars. They got rid of 171,905 shares (-3%).

As can be seen, the vast majority of favorite companies are technological.