Electric vehicle stocks to invest for the long term

Electric vehicle market

The electric vehicle market has been gaining ground in the United States and other countries, so acquiring shares is of great importance. In this paper, three companies in this sector are presented whose performance in the stock market can be of great benefit in the long term. Buying them now can be the beginning of a process of significant returns.

It should be noted that cars powered by electricity are the target trend in many countries. The latter to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, an important part of which is released by cars that work with fossil fuel. Thus, countries like the United States plan that, by the 2030s, half of total sales will be from electric cars.

On the other side of the world, in China, the government’s plans are much more ambitious than those of Washington. In this sense, the authorities of that nation are already preparing the infrastructure of recharging stations in the main provinces of the Asian nation. It should be remembered that gigantic manufacturers of these ecological cars coexist in that country.

Electric vehicle market

Some outstanding actions of the electric vehicle sector

Taking into account the aforementioned context, it can be concluded that investing in actions related to electric vehicles is key. The substitution of internal combustion cars for electric ones, more than a trend or fashion, is an urgent need, taking into account the dangerous level of emissions.

For this reason, the companies in this sector that are being born today could be the all-powerful ones in the market in a few years. It should not be forgotten that sales are currently in their embryonic phase. Thus, in the United States, sales of this particular type of vehicle barely covered 4% of total car sales during the past year 2021.

The first of the actions with great prospects for the future corresponds to the company Lucid Group (LCID). Growth plans in Europe and the Middle East, as well as orders for its vehicles, are among the most promising aspects of the firm. Plus, a long battery life and consistent performance make it a sure winner.

The distribution of their cars has been growing over the months. For this year they expect about 20,000 shipments of their vehicles. These factors offer great advantages to consider the purchase of shares of this manufacturer of electric vehicles.

The other two great investment options in the sector

The second of these advantageous firms to become a shareholder is FORD (F). It is one of the most traditional firms in the manufacture of cars for millions of people around the world for many decades. Now, this manufacturing heavyweight is rapidly moving into the electric-powered car sector. The investment plans are monumental and are spearheaded by its own CEO, Jim Farley.

The radical move towards electrification was seen this year with its F-150 Pickup model, whose sales sold out in record time. With injections planned at $30 billion dollars, investments begin to catapult. Consequently, this week the firm’s market capitalization rose for the first time in its history to $100 billion. In addition, last 2021, the value of its shares reached $20 dollars for the first time in 20 years.

The third of the actions related to electric vehicles corresponds to a Chinese company. As already noted, if US electric car adoption plans seem impressive, China’s are even more so. That is why the signature BYD (BYDDY) becomes important. Of the 6.3 million electric cars sold in the world in 2021, 3 million corresponded to China.

To get an idea of ​​the power of this firm, suffice it to say that by December its sales reached more than 90 thousand cars (between electric and hybrid). In that same time, the giant Tesla sold more than 70 thousand in the Asian country. This gives enough reasons to think that becoming a shareholder of this firm can be a very good decision.