Florida Governor Warned of Central Bank Digital Currency Risk

Ron DeSantis Florida


  • DeSantis highlighted the risk of financial control if a CBDC is launched, making it clear that it would give the government dramatic power at the expense of personal freedom.
  • The biggest concern is over the supervision of transactions, the politician said.
  • The process has begun with a Law enacted to prevent the use of CBDC.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, believed that the launch of a US central bank digital currency would give the government dramatic power at the expense of personal freedom.

In a speech at Fort Myers Technical College, DeSantis spoke out on the issue and warned that this implementation would give the government much more control over how people use their money.

According to the Republican governor, a CBDC would allow the federal government to see people’s transactions and block purchases in real-time.

“I think anyone with open eyes could see the dangers this type of deal would pose to Americans who want to exercise their financial independence, who would like to be able to do business without the government knowing in real time each and every transaction. that are making.”

According to the governor of Florida, CBDCs go in the opposite direction of the values ​​that characterize a free society. This would catalyze a shift of power from the many to the few.