The best time to invest in crude oil and gold

Invest in crude oil and gold

Both the European and American indices are in a consolidation phase, after the sharp V-shaped recovery movement they have made since March 7.

The usual question at this time is to know if the markets have bottomed out and, therefore, are leaving us with very attractive prices or, on the contrary, it is a specific upward movement to continue falling.

At a macro and geopolitical level, the situation is becoming tenser and tenser, raw materials continue to experience strong increases, electricity, gas, and oil are facing upward tensions in prices and the uncertainty of whether we will have a shortage of supply during the next months. This increases the possibility that inflation will continue to rise with a temporary halt in economic growth. At a macro and social level, if we put all this in a pot, the result is not very positive. However, the markets, which are always heading in a different direction and a different time frame than the real economy, are ignoring all these tensions and maintaining their strong upward recovery.

At the moment, both the American indices and the European indices are at levels prior to the day the war broke out, leaving signs of upward entry in recent sessions, which will be confirmed if they break the resistances that are located at the highs of the process. of consolidation that you are doing throughout the week. Therefore, pay close attention to today’s and Monday’s close, as it can confirm a sign of new upward momentum.