Apple capitalization moves towards $3 billion

Apple capitalization moves towards
  • The technology company Apple became the most valuable in the world thanks to its revolutionary devices.
  • Products such as the iPhone were one of the main drivers of the use of mobile telephony as we know it today.
  • Apple’s exploration into the world of electric cars could further boost its valuation.

The company with the largest market capitalization in the world, Apple, is moving towards its new goal of US$3 trillion in that line. In this way, it consolidates itself as the leading listed company compared to its closest competitors. The mentioned objective could be achieved in less than what is thought.

This company is one of the great revolutionaries of the financial and technological world, which led society towards a new paradigm. Thus, in the world of computing, it challenged and surpassed the mighty IBM. Also, in the field of mobile telephony, their models led to the current form of device used worldwide.

With all this, the company earned a reputation like few others in the world. In fact, this led her products to become the most sought-after everywhere. For example, iPhones, Macbooks and iPads are synonymous with quality for users of Internet technologies. But the development does not end here, as the company announced its foray into the electric vehicle market.

iPhone and the exploration of the electric car market could bring Apple's capitalization to $3 billion in a very short time. 
New technologies applied to products such as the iPhone and the exploration of the electric car market could bring Apple’s capitalization to $3 billion in a very short time. 
Source: Technosecrets

Apple capitalization has a lot of room to grow

Although Apple’s capitalization looks (and in fact is) gigantic, it is advancing unstoppably. The $3 billion barriers could be as short-lived as the $2 billion barriers are. In that sense, at the time of writing, the technology company has a capitalization of close to $2.7 billion dollars.

To get an idea of ​​the magnitude, it must be compared with that of its closest rivals. Among them, Microsoft, is the second most important in this measurement, which is projected at $2.2 billion dollars.

Outside of non-listed assets, the company ranks second in capitalization, second only to gold. The historic metal, which is a store of value, is the most important asset since humanity left the forests. Therefore, it is not surprising that it occupies the number one position in an undisputed way with a capitalization of $11.9 billion.

With all this, it can be said that, within the world of listed companies, Apple is the queen with a capitalization that advances at a higher rate than its competitors. Other companies of importance in the capitalization index are Aramco, Alphabet and Amazon.

Expansion of your product catalog

One aspect that points to unstoppable growth for Apple, apart from its flagship products, is the exploration of new ones. The company recently announced that by 2024, it would be producing electric cars. With this, it would be entering through the front door to a market that promises to be large in the near future.

Paradigm shifts towards new forms of clean energy will make the transition to green cars inevitable. Meanwhile, cars powered by energy based on fossil fuels would be replaced worldwide by electric vehicles. For the 2030s, it would be an irreversible trend, so this new aspiration of Apple projects it even more.

The development, updating and improvement of the iPhone promise great results in the future thanks to new technologies such as the Metaverse. In any case, the capitalization of Apple, which is advancing unstoppably, could be small compared to what it will be in a few years.

Once the goal of $3 billion in capitalization is reached, innovation will do the rest. The application of the most advanced technology of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and even Blockchain to its products could accelerate an unimaginable take-off. In the future, we will see if the company is able to challenge gold in capitalization.