6 Elements that influence the success of a negotiation

How to have a success negotiation

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All negotiation processes are complex and require certain guidelines so that they can be carried out successfully. In fact, whether they are successful or not does not depend on us but on a series of circumstances, which often escape our hands.

However, there are guidelines that can be controlled and even anticipated so that the process advances as much in our favor as possible. These are certain elements that influence the success of the negotiation and that increase our options of getting the most out of a process like this:

Have all the information at hand:

Most of the success of negotiation will depend on preparation. We must use information, position and time to our advantage, and this is achieved by having everything we need to know at hand.

Monitor the number of people involved:

Depending on the number of people who are participating in the process, it will unfold in different ways. The ideal is to manage a number of people involved that allows maintaining the balance of the negotiation. Remember, the less complex the better.

Define the roles of the actors:

Another element that influences the success of the negotiation is being able to assertively define all the functions of the actors that will intervene in the process. There should be a mediator, a lawyer, an arbitrator, a writer/secretary and of course, the interested parties either directly or through a special envoy or representative.

Climate and communication:

The negotiation processes must take place in a suitable environment, without interruptions, tensions, reproaches, prejudices or difficulties. The negotiation must take place in friendly, sincere, respectful terms and with a great willingness to listen between the parties involved. You can appeal to emotions, but with control.

Communication channels:

Of all the elements that influence the success of the negotiation, this is one of the most important. It is not the same to negotiate face to face, virtual way or through intermediaries. You have to take into account body language since many people communicate more through gestures than their words. Finally, make the best of your ability to dialogue, this is something that regardless of the communication channel, you should always keep in mind.

The status of those involved within the hierarchical pyramid:

Among the factors that influence the success of the negotiation, it is essential to take into account the status of the people who participate in the process. The negotiation can be vertical if one of those involved is subordinate to the other, it can be horizontal when all those involved are at the same level, and it can be diagonal when all those involved are at different levels, but without subordination in between.

As a bonus, consider ethics above any economic issue. There are certain limits that should not be exceeded, it is always best, to be honest, transparent and morally solvent.

Any business process can be positive as long as each actor has their objectives very clear and the limits to yield well identified. 

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