Vitalik Buterin reveals his expectations for Ethereum in 2023

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum
  • Buterin expects Ethereum to reach “basic roll-up scaling” on his roadmap.
  • The development includes the release of Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4844.
  • EIP 4844 is part of the development dubbed “The Surge”, whose goal is for the platform to process 100,000 transactions per second or more.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum (ETH) smart contract protocol, is optimistic for 2023.

The cryptocurrency pioneer says he expects Ethereum to reach the “basic rollup scaling” milestone in his roadmap shared on Twitter.

Buterin says that milestone includes the release of Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4844.

“EIP-4844 introduces a new transaction type to Ethereum that accepts ‘blobs’ of data to be held on the beacon node for a short period of time. These changes are compatible with the Ethereum scaling roadmap, and the blobs are small enough to keep disk usage manageable.”

According to the diagram shared by Buterin, EIP 4844 is part of the Ethereum development dubbed “The Surge”, whose goal is to get the leading smart contract platform to process 100,000 transactions per second or more.

Buterin also points out that the “basic rollup scaling” milestone involves partially removing the training wheels from roll-ups.

Roll-ups are solutions that execute transactions outside of the Ethereum blockchain but record the transactional data. The two types of roll-ups are optimistic roll-ups and zero-knowledge (ZK) roll-ups. Optimistic roll-ups automatically assume that transactions are valid, while ZK roll-ups perform off-chain calculations and then send a validity report.

Buterin believes that partially removing the “training wheels” would involve running a fraud or validity-proof scheme to verify transactions.