Bitcoin: “International Asset” According to BlackRock CEO

Larry Fink


  • Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, has made favorable comments towards cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, which he describes as an “international asset”.
  • Fink sees Bitcoin as a possible hedge against inflation and the devaluation of certain currencies.
  • BlackRock, under Fink’s direction, has attempted to launch a Bitcoin ETF in partnership with Coinbase.

Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm, has made pro-crypto comments amid the manager’s attempt to list a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States. In a recent interview with Fox Business on July 5, Fink expressed his bullish view of him on Bitcoin.

Fink’s view on Bitcoin

Fink suggested that the role of cryptocurrencies is primarily to “digitize gold”, encouraging US regulators to consider how an ETF directly tied to Bitcoin could democratize finance.

“Let’s be clear: Bitcoin is an international asset. It is not based on any particular currency, so it can represent an asset that people can invest in as an alternative.”

Bitcoin as a refuge against inflation

On the other hand, Fink suggested that investors could turn to Bitcoin as a haven against inflation or the devaluation of certain currencies. As CEO of the world’s largest asset management company, with over $9 trillion in assets under management as of April, Fink’s pro-crypto stance could cause ripples both inside and outside the space.

The crypto community on social media reacted positively to Fink’s interview. At least one user suggested that his words could cause the price of certain assets to rise in what the user dubbed the “Fink Pump”.