New Prime Minister of the United Kingdom favorable to cryptocurrencies

Liz Truss Favorable to Cryptocurrencies
  • Liz Truss is the new British Prime Minister whose main mission is to tackle the energy cost crisis in the country.
  • The crypto community expects favorable actions from the president.

The UK has just elected a new prime minister whose most notable trait is perhaps her total support for cryptocurrencies.

This is Liz Truss, who will replace Boris Johnson and who is expected to fulfill her promise to resolve the cost of living crisis in the country, to ratify her position as president in the general elections.

The crypto community has expectations about the treatment that the new prime minister will give to crypto assets.

3 years ago, Truss tweeted that, “we need to embrace cryptocurrencies in a way that does not limit their potential and frees up free enterprise by removing the rules that stand in the way of prosperity.”

The United Kingdom, like the United States and Ukraine, is a world leader in the use of cryptocurrencies. To reach this conclusion, several aspects are looked at: the number of cryptocurrency holders, DeFi adoption rate, companies that provide cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, the number of Bitcoin ATMs, and the number of searches for words associated with crypto assets.

 The controversy was part of Truss’s campaign for the mandate. In relation to the problem of the high cost of living in the nation, the now prime minister exclaimed that it was necessary to “lower the tax burden, not give alms.”

His work team is focused on the task of providing a solution to consumers for the high costs of energy use.

One week was the term that the minister calculated to present a strategy that would reduce energy costs and guarantee the constant flow of energy in the country.

The Finbold media outlet had previously reported that stagflation is looming in the UK due to the high cost of energy, food, and the cessation of Russian energy imports. The inhabitants have decreased their purchasing power and the possibility of saving.