XRP was delisted from the SEC Securities List



  • XRP was delisted from the SEC securities at Coingecko, a significant change in its legal classification.
  • Notable industry figures, including Ripple CTO and pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton, have expressed mixed opinions and reactions to this development.
  • A wave of speculation has been generated about the future actions of the SEC and the possible ramifications of the case on the crypto ecosystem in general.

Recently, XRP was removed from the latest SEC listing on Coingecko, drawing significant reactions in the crypto community. Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton expressed his excitement about this news via tweet: “Today: Not Listed: XRP.” Deaton likened this fact to how it all started three years ago, when the SEC claimed that Ripple sold more than 14.6 billion units of digital asset as “security”.

Coingecko, the cryptocurrency price tracking platform, published a list of tokens classified as securities by the SEC this week. The list includes a total of 48 tokens, such as BNB, ADA, SOL, TRX, MATIC, among others.

David “JoelKatz” Schwartz, CTO of Ripple, responded positively to this news, making a humorous reference to some other items the SEC tried to regulate: “Not on the list: orange groves, live beavers, warehouse receipts for barrels of whiskey, XRP.”

This month, Deaton revealed his belief that top SEC officials were divided on the outcome of the case.

For his part, James Murphy, defender, stated that the SEC could file an interlocutory appeal, while Jack McDonald, CEO of PolySign, argued that the SEC could try to circumscribe XRP, stating that the ruling was very specific.

At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.63290, down just over 1% in the last 24 hours.

Finally, the removal of XRP from the SEC listing of Coingecko has generated a wave of responses and speculation. The crypto community is keeping an eye on possible future moves by the SEC and the implications of this case on the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. With XRP showing strength in the market, this news represents an important chapter in its evolution.