Turn your old GameBoy into a Bitcoin hardware wallet

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Key facts:
  • The project is open-source and auditable.
  • They are currently in the process of manufacturing the cartridges for the GameBoy.

The Game Wallet project aims to convert old Nintendo GameBoy consoles into hardware wallets, through a special cartridge to store private keys.  

This system is developed by Joseph Schiarizzi, who recently published the latest progress of the project, in which he announced the launch of the waiting list for the dispatch of the new GameBoy cartridges, which are currently in production.  

This system gamifies the experience of using a hardware wallet since it takes as a reference the game mode used in the first versions of Pokemon Red and Green, released for this console. Where users will play a character and must visit different NPCs to create the BIP-39 recovery seed.

It should be clarified that the objective of this device is not to serve as a wallet in all expressions since it only serves to generate and safely store the BIP-39 recovery seed. To send funds, it will be necessary to restore the seed in wallets compatible with this format, such as Electrum. This takes into account that GameBoys do not have internet access.  

GameBoy cartridge from the Game Wallet. Source: GameWallet. 

The project is completely open source. As described on the Game Wallet website, the objective of this is “Generating randomness safely will always be vital to our digital lives. Recent events have created uncertainty around hardware wallets, demonstrating the need for a simple, low-tech alternative.”