CEO Glow Token Lawsuit Against

Glow Token
  • Brian Lawrence accuses the platform of negligence.
  • He was tricked by scammers posing as representatives of the platform.
  • He was offered to list GLOW, for which the CEO of the organization paid over $250,000.

CEO of cryptocurrency startup Glow Token sues

The CEO of cryptocurrency startup Glow Token, Brian Lawrence, has filed a lawsuit against the platform. He was the victim of scammers posing as representatives of the platform.

In a post on Twitter, the CEO of Glow Token explained the situation. According to him, in early 2023, representatives from contacted him about listing the GLOW token on the platform.

After lengthy negotiations, he transferred $250,000 and 1 BTC to the indicated accounts. Lawrence claims that he verified the agreement at every stage, recording all agreements reached.

In March 2023, contacted him, denying listing negotiations and demanding that he stop spreading false information. Prior to this, Lawrence was certain the deal was legitimate:

“I checked every step. This included opt-in link, email review, contact info confirmation, contract review. All this was verified by various employees of the platform.

Later, all negotiations with the CEO of Glow Token were killed. However, Lawrence claims to have made copies.

Constant stress affected his health. He had to be hospitalized several times. To cover legal costs, Lawrence had to sell his own house.

As of yet, has not commented on the situation.

We previously reported that the platform has been licensed in Singapore, Spain, and the Netherlands.