Cardano: From ‘Ghost Chain’ to Blockchain Development Leader

Cardano Crypto


  • Cardano consolidates itself as the main development platform, surpassing competitors such as Polkadot and Chainlink.
  • Despite the fluctuation in the price of ADA, the developers remain firmly committed to the network and its innovations.
  • Crypto asset monitor Santiment highlights Cardano for more than 500 daily contributions on GitHub in the last month.

Despite facing criticism and sometimes being called a “ghost chain” for its low-key price action, Cardano has surprised the crypto world by becoming the go-to development platform over the past month.

While its coin, ADA, has had a hard time picking up after its recent slump, Cardano’s development front has shown continued progress. 

During the month of August, this Proof-of-Stake (PoS)-based network presented significant innovations: it launched inter-chain bridges, implemented the long-awaited Mithril update, and launched its Voltaire testnet, among other notable advances.

Crypto asset monitor Santiment validated Cardano’s dynamism by highlighting it as the top development platform, with more than 500 daily developer contributions on GitHub in the last month. With this pace, Cardano has surpassed powerhouses like Polkadot, Kusama, and Chainlink, which previously topped these rankings.

Developers bet on Cardano

This recognition underscores that regardless of the fluctuation in the price of ADA, there is a strong commitment from developers to the network. In addition, it shows a growing interest in Cardano’s smart contract capabilities, which attracts new projects that choose this chain as their platform of choice.

Currently, the value of Cardano is around 0.2584 dollars, with a daily transaction volume that amounts to more than 182 million. Although Cardano’s price action has raised concerns among some investors, this remarkable achievement could bolster the confidence of ADA holders, encouraging them to hold on to their assets and focus on the network’s promising future.