Robert Kiyosaki: “I am waiting for Bitcoin to fall further”

Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki said he still expects the price of bitcoin to fall further against the dollar. When that happens, he believes it will be the ideal time to acquire new coins for his hedging strategy.

This is not a new line from the famous author, who has been closely following Bitcoin for some time as a hedge against fiat currencies.

Robert is well known among financial market analysts, particularly those looking for personal finance strategies. His main book, for example, is one of the exponents of financial education in the world.

Robert Kiyosaki still expects BTC to drop further

Since it bottomed out in its dollar price in 2022, when it reached $17,600 USD on June 17, the price of bitcoin has gone through a period of price consolidation.

In the past few days, the coin has shown a bullish reaction, reaching $24,200. However, the news that Tesla sold most of its bitcoins came as a shock to short-term investors, who ended the week in fear.

However, for Robert Kiyosaki, the trend he believes for the coming months is a general fall in the financial market. According to him, the US bond market is already shrinking, being one of the worst crises since 1788.

In addition, he mentioned in his analysis that the Chinese real estate market is going through a severe crisis, with more than 90 million condominiums without residents.

To protect himself, the analyst believes that the time has come to buy gold and silver, indicating that he is waiting for Bitcoin to fall further to resume the acquisition of digital currencies. This speech, made by the analyst’s Twitter, indicates that he continues to trust BTC as a protective asset, despite indicating that he would not pay the current price of $21,880.

“The US bond market falls. Biggest bond crash since 1788. China’s real estate bond market crash. More than 90 million empty condominiums in China. Bond markets larger than the stock market. I am buying more gold, silver now and waiting for Bitcoin to drop.”

However, Bitcoin analysts who believe in the long-term of the coin prefer to use the DCA technique instead of waiting to buy a price floor, as it may never come. Even so, the writer believes that further decline should occur and allow you to buy more bitcoins.