What millionaires do to attract money. (6 Strategies)

Millionaires do to attract money

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What millionaires do to attract money.

What would be the first thing you would do if you were a millionaire?…Think about it…Travel, give your mother the house she has always wanted, invest in real estate…or buy a Mercedes in white gold? The opportunities would be endless and despite the fact that money is not everything, it surely makes many things easier.

According to Forbes magazine as of November 18, 2021, these are the 10 richest men in the world.

Richest men in the world

  • #1 Elon Musk – 285 B – Amazon
  • #2 Jeff Bezos – 204.3 B – Microsoft
  • #3 Bernard Arnault – 199.2 B – LVHM
  • #4 Bill Gates – 138.8 B – Berkshire Hathaway
  • #5 Larry Elison – 128.9 B – Oracle
  • #6 Larry Page – 126.5 B – Inditex
  • #7 Mark Zuckerberg – 121.9 B – Facebook
  • #8 Sergey Brin – 121.9 – Walmart
  • #9 Steve Ballmer – 106.6 – Walmart
  • #10 Warren Buffett – 102.8 – Walmart

At this point a question arises: Are we capable of getting there?

Rhett Power says yes. Rhett is an entrepreneur, author, and international speaker. He has extensive experience in the business world, as evidenced by his recognition (with the company Wild Creations) for being one of the fastest growing American companies between 2007 and 2010.

Rhett not only believes that we can, he even gives us 6 tips to achieve it:

What millionaires do to attract money

1. Not living like a millionaire.

If you thought of the mercedes in white gold, you started off on the wrong foot. Those who become millionaires understand that their expenses cannot be directly proportional to their income, in this way they can continue saving and amassing a fortune. They tend to live well without overspending and their lifestyles are usually modest but within standards.

Live below your means. Spend less than you earn and invest the difference.

2. Not for “having” you must spend. Invest!

Millionaires know that they must constantly put their money to work for them, how?… Investing. Money in their pockets does not bring benefits, so they barely receive money, they separate what is necessary for their basic expenses and leave a percentage of the remaining amount for investment.

Do you already know what you can invest in? If the answer is no, this information will help you; you don’t want to waste time when you get the chance.

3. They contribute to charity

They say that helping others brings good things, but going to the tangible, supporting different charitable causes reduces a large amount of taxes. Many artists and entrepreneurs have foundations and we don’t know if they do it mainly for their good heart or for their pocket, but it is a profit for all parties.

Mark Zuckerberg has donated more than 500 million dollars to improve education in Silicon Valley; Mortimer Zuckerman donated $200 million to Columbia University’s Institute for Brain and Mind Behavior. These are just two examples of the many that we can find.

4. They seek more income

If you want to be a millionaire without waiting to win the lottery, logic says that you have to fight for it. Millionaires do it and they are not afraid to ask for raises, work more hours, or look for alternatives in side businesses.