Five ‘powerful’ missiles hit Lviv in western Ukraine, says mayor

Missiles hit Lviv in western Ukraine

The missile attacks this Monday (04.18.2022) with missiles on the Ukrainian city of Lviv, about 80 kilometers from the border with Poland, left at least seven dead, regional sources reported, according to the Ukrinform news portal.

According to these sources, at least eight people have been injured in these attacks, directed, in part, against military infrastructure.

The mayor of the city, Andriy Sadovyi, previously reported through the Telegram network that five missiles had fallen in the city in the last few hours.

Thick plumes of gray smoke rose behind apartment buildings, a resident of southwestern Lviv told AFP. The mayor reported on Telegram that rescuers went to the scene of the explosions.

“The relevant emergency services have already left for the place (where they have fallen). We are trying to gather more information,” said the mayor, while detailing that up to that moment no victims had been registered.

Lviv has been, since the Russian invasion on February 24, one of the main exit points from the country for Ukrainians fleeing the attacks, due to its proximity to the Polish border, about 70 kilometers away.

In the sights 

Although the Russian bombing has so far caused little damage in the Lviv area, it has been targeted on several occasions. On March 13, Russian cruise missiles targeted a major military base some 40km northwest of Lviv, killing at least 35 people and wounding 134. 

The city was also the target of an attack on March 18 that hit an aircraft repair factory near the airport, causing no casualties.

On March 26, it suffered a series of Russian attacks, two of which left five injured and hit a fuel depot, according to local authorities.